Generation X' meaning that they are a variable or an unknown. The 'experts' agree that they don't know who they are or what to do with them."

Generation X has been characterized as the 'MTV Generation'. With the youth in large tracts of the two-thirds world now tuning in Western media via satellite TV, the message from the music is roughly the same MTV message in the US and Europe. Young adults in Japan, Indonesia, China, India and many nations in Latin America and Africa are tracking much the same generational media as the US and Europe.

Generation X comprises roughly 80 million young adults - roughly a third of the nation.

With the global media beaming the same message to the same generation worldwide, young people (aged 18-35) are more the same in their thinking today than ever before;

Today's youth are meeting together in homes, coffee shops, or coffee house, MacDonald's hamburger outlets, warehouses, industrial annexes, and a host of other available facilities. "Relationships are the key,"

Today we live at a time when there is a common global culture. The truth is that regardless whether young people live in any underdeveloped countries, they are all being influenced by the three great unifiers of global culture; movies, music and Internet.

Today we are surrounded by a culture that exhibits many of the same circumstances in existences 2000 years ago, however spread far more widely. The common language is one expressed through music and films. These have become the main cultural connections and interpreter of experience to the generation under 30. They are the source of commonly held views on life, love and death.

The rules all around us are rapidly changing. Recently someone asked the general manager of MTV what is the secret of influencing this generation, he replied, "we do not influence them, we own them". Today it seems that Church is the last one to catch up with these changes. We need a place that draws its life from the word of God and is culturally relevant to this generation.

is such a place with lot of fun with live music bands playing, dance, movies and other cultural activities. It creates an environment where people can belong first. It's a place for young people who lack good friends. In this youth club, everyone gets involved. It's an opportunity for young people to develop and build their talents and skills. It lifts up their intellectual status, spiritual status, and their mental health. We love and help one another and we care for one another. It builds up a relationship and friendship as we get to know about one another. Making new friends to show a difference in their lives. Certainly many young people's attitudes and their patterns of behavior have changed.

One of the strategies that have been adopted by GENX is to bring the good news through music to the younger generation in India. It is more important than ever to develop a strong network between those who create or perform and those who facilitate the arts. Our creativity should be unencumbered by guilt. It is certainly something to think about.

GENX play concerts in theaters, schools, universities and open grounds on invitation. Many young people are touched by the power of God. We share about the reality, life experiences of individuals, stories etc, bringing a generation to a time of ripeness.

Reaching out a New Generation

There has been a tremendous change of culture in India as the western media spread their roots in a phenomenally swift manner. There is MTV culture these days in the life of every modern youth. The lives of the youth are being diverted to the path of destruction and dismay due to the false illusion portrayed in the television and the like. Moreover, they are so completely surrounded by the pervasive influences of alcohol, drugs and sex that society pushes and they begin to see these things as normal.

Society or the Government cannot censor that kind of stuff anymore these days. It's too late. Parents are shocked by their culture and think it's bad, whereas that's normal to them. The normal life has changed. It's frightening. When we realize and talk about they're being wrong, they look at their parents as the judgmental older people.

Along with different outlook on life, today's youth come with a different load of baggage. Issues like drugs, sex and alcohol are still on the horizon, but seems like the youth don't involve in these things as necessarily in rebellion. Getting tattoos across the face or the bodies and piercing anywhere they like in the body, most of the youth believe it's cool and it is just an expression and not rebellion anymore. The Internet and communication that the world has opened to us is nothing that is beyond the kid's reach. There are so many traps out there that are vying for the young people's attention. It is almost unimaginable how to prepare a child for it. There is a lack of respect that many youths have for their parents or the elders in the family. In some situations, they do not even view their parents as their role models because sometimes, some of the parents are so immersed with their jobs or other kind of activities and they are never at home to spend time with their children. In such a situation, they need something else and that's where we can come in and fill the gap.


1. To plant GENX Coffee Houses in our city - by the young people for young people

2. We want to help young people to lovingly make room for different methodology

3. We ensure the availability of the growing number of youths needed to continually begin new works

4. Failures always give you success. We are willing to learn from it and not give up.

5. Making avenues for the potential youth to get involved with our activities.

6. Joining hands with the experience men of God and conducting seminars and celebrations.

We are not excited about the numbers of coffee houses nor the number of individuals coming to new life to Christ. The greatest happiness comes in being on mission with God In His redemptive plan for the nations---serving as His instruments in this folding miracle of salvation that is being extended to all people. It is for this joy that we go ahead.

Genx Coffee House is making bridge between saved youths and unsaved youths. Genx is quarterly magazine of Genx Coffee House. It has an update of contemporary scenario, view points, articles and testimonies of the individuals.

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