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This is Eraiyur Agni Community Centre in the year 1998. A small thatched shed built for worship services on Sundays. Eraiyur is a small village with 700 families situated in the outskirts of Chennai at Kancheeputam district. All the people groups belong to the Hindu community. The socio - economic status of the people groups are very poor. The hygienic conditions of the community are very poor, no toilet facilities and the children are not getting proper education and care. There are number of poisonous snakes and many die of snake bite. Many women have died due to improper medical care and to prenatal and postnatal women. Many babies die due to mal-nutrition, if at all they need hospitalization, they have to take a walk upto 20 kms to reach the town hospital. They have no proper transport facilities. There is a great need of helping the helpless and the unfortunates who dwell in the villages.

With this start, it was realized that there was a chance for unexpected development so it urged us to venture in the area of coaching center for children, called Havana Club, educating children through studies and knowledge of God and Maternity Clinic so as to help, encourage and motivate them for the development of the community.

  By God’s grace we recently built Agni Community Centre in the year 2001 at a size of 40/30 square feet (2400 square feet) to a cost of 800,000 Indian rupees. We appointed a pastor (Mohan) who did a wonderful work and he brought as much as 150 people to Christ in 3 years time. And more people are added since then. Now about 200 people in this village come on Sundays for prayers and worship in Agni Community Centre.


This is the Maternity Clinic which is on the construction process, it is built with 2 ward rooms, doctor room, labor room with attached toilets and a public toilet. This cost nearly 600,000 Indian rupees. We require medical equipments for maternity clinic. We require experienced nurses and Doctors who can visit the patients twice a week. If you are interested to work, help, assist or serve the poor and the needy, please write to us or call us. The whole project would probably be opened by January 2005. We need to buy medical equipments, please pray and support as the Lord leads you. As little as you give, you can help us to serve the Lord in action.

The white building is the maternity clinic as you see it’s almost completed. The brown one is on the construction process. This is the nurse quarters built with two rooms and a kitchen and an attached bathroom. This estimates to 200, 000 Indian rupees.

We are looking for churches and organization or individuals that could partner with us and support our work in this village through prayers or moral support as we bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ in action.

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