Mr. Justice M.S.A.Siddiqui of Delhi High Court has passed a significant judgement that the Tribals listed in the schedule Tribes are not covered by the Hindu Marriage Act. (THE HINDU dated 13 April, 2000, page 17) This judgement is important because of its serious political and social implications. The Hinduvita leaders always claim that the Tribals are Hindus and they follow lower form of Hinduism but this judgement brings forth the truth that the Tribals are not Hindus. The BJP Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Judeo takes pride in re-converting Christian Tribals as Hindus. When the Tribals were never Hindus, how can they be re-converted as Hindus? This judgement brings to focus the illegal activities of Sangh Parivar into focus. Imposing "One Culture, One Nation, One Religion and One Language" on the Tribals is violation of human rights. Truly speaking, the Tribals are animists who worship nature and believe in spirits. They have their own culture, customs, rituals and religious beliefs. They do not come under the purview of Caste system of Hinduism. Most of the Tribals are beef eaters because beef is the cheapest nutrition available to them. Tribals do not engage Hindu Pandits or Brahmins as Poojaris to perform their rituals. If Tribals are not Hindus the Demography of our nation shall be different because 55% of the Indian population shall be non-Hindus.(Dalits 25%, Muslims 16%, Tribals 8%, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains 6%) so Hinduism becomes a minority religion and India cannot be or become Hindu Rashtra. Also any person converting Tribals into Hinduism shall be liable to be punished under anti-conversion laws in various states. The massive exercise of RSS (Rashtrya Shiva Sena) front organizations to convert Tribals into Hinduism is blatant violation of law. The Government should ensure that the Tribals are not wooed into becoming Hindus and also protect their indigenous culture. All secular minded Indians must unite to prevent all subversion of Nation ethos, unity and integrity.

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